Camera Mounts / Setups


Here are a few camera mounts I have created.....

a simple boom mount...

clamp mount with options....

Wireless doorbell chime ($25) (with CHDK hack)

all un-assembled (click to enlarge)

cut batt and use 3AAAs to B+&B-, route speaker wires to USB conn. (SP+ to pin 1 and SP- to pin 4) remove speaker, set jumper

add on/off swt in-line with + batt

I used a USB conn but this could be a cut cable (+ is pin 1, - is pin 4) this gives me the ability to use a USB extension cable :-)

I made a little notch (right side)to bend the tab into for more support

not the best cut-out but it worked

add the batt to the remote and set the jumper to match your pcb jumper

CLICK HERE.... Video clip of finished assembly...CLICK HERE

(I also drilled holes in the case and the remote for strings)

Copyright - Diev Hart 2009