My On-Line Flight Log

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Location / AGL



5-1-04--ww sport /167 Lake McClure 35min 1st at new site - see stories
5-1-04--ww sport /167 Lake McClure 30min still thinking about LZ
5-2-04--ww sport /167 Lake McClure 55min 800 over launch, fun flight
5-8-04--ww sport /167 Ft Funston 1hr 57min 1st at fort w/ sport 167
5-8-04--ww sport /167 Ft Funston 55min 1st w/ camera on sport-pics in gallery
5-15-04--ww sport /167 Ed Levin 35min fog came in, then left
5-15-04--ww sport /167 Ed Levin 30min fun day with some paragliders
5-23-04--ww sport /167 Ft Funston 1hr 40min windy, tired from pulling in
5-30-04 ***--ww sport /167 Indian Valley 4hr 57min great flight, up to 10,000 twice
5-31-04--ww sport /167 Indian Valley 1hr 40min lots of sink, light therm, bailout
6-19-04--ww sport /167 Ft Funston 2hr 35min going fast, wing overs, fly slow
6-19-04--ww sport /167 Ft Funston 2hr 10min more of the
6-20-04--ww sport /167 Ft Funston 2hr 25min down to west lake, foggy, pics
6-27-04--ww sport /167 Ft Funston 2hr 13min s-sw, hard to come south
6-27-04--ww sport /167 Ft Funston 1hr 52min more movies, holes of sink
7-30-04--ww sport /167 Indian Valley 20min tight grip, lots of sink=bailout- hardest landing
7-30-04--ww sport /167 Indian Valley 2hr 40min glass off conditions, out and bk
7-31-04--ww sport /167 Indian Valley 2hr 50min great flight with others, lens cld
8-2-04--ww sport /167 Ft Funston 2hr 10min fun flying in the foggy conditions
8-2-04--ww sport /167 Ft Funston 30min more fun in the fog, see movies
8-2-04--ww U2 /160 Ft Funston 54min Great flying on a newer glider
8-14-04--ww sport /167 Ft Funston 1hr 30min boating around in fog
8-14-04--ww sport /167 Ft Funston 30 min flying for camera- bad shots :-(
8-14-04--ww sport /167 Ft Funston 2hr 20min fun flying in clearing fog
9-2-04--ww sport/167 Ft Funston 2hr 15min 18+ wind, witecaps, but nice air
9-2-04--ww sport/167 Ft Funston 2hr 20min calmer, flying close-movies -18
9-10-04--ww sport/167 Ft Funston 1hr 5min nice air, light, almost beach
9-10-04--ww sport/167 Ft Funston 3hr 3min got bumpy didn't want to fly 1st
9-17-04--ww sport/167 Ed Levin / 1750 2min 53 sec 1st speed gliding (lots of fun)
9-17-04--ww sport/167 Ed Levin / 1750 15min go fast or try to soar go fast or
9-19-04--ww sport/167 Ed Levin / 1750 8min get off hill in break after rained
9-19-04--Super Lancer/200 Ed Levin / 600 6min Air Show-Last flight on Glider
10-2-04--ww sport/167 Ft Funston / 150 20min smooth air
10-2-04--ww xc/155 Ft Funston 40min first flight in new glider
10-2-04--ww xc/155 Ft Funston 2hr 10min fun flying
10-2-04--ww sport/167 Ft Funston 2hr 45min fun flying
10-3-04--ww sport/167 Ft Funston 45min  
10-3-04--ww xc/155 Ft Funston 50min  
10-3-04--ww xc/155 Ft Funston 1hr 50min  
10-3-04--ww sport/167 Ft Funston 2hr 10min more fun flying
10-9-04--ww xc/155 Ft Funston 1hr 30min strong wind in new glider :-((
10-28-04--ww sport/167 Ft Funston 45min  
10-28-04--ww sport/167 Ft Funston 3hr 50min  
11-6-04--ww xc/155 Ft Funston 3hr 59min awesome day
11-12-04--ww xc/155 Ft Funston 45min  
12-5-04--ww xc/155 Ft Funston 30min my girls get to watch me fly
12-11-04--ww xc/155 New Jerusalem 30min = 8 tow flights 6 tows up to cloudbase
12-18-04--ww xc/155 Lake McClure 7 min sunset, over back at 3mph
12-19-04 New Jerusalem 0 ride in trike to top of fog w Paul
12-24-04--ww xc/155 Ed Levin 9 min quick flight on x-mas eve fun;-)
1-1-05--ww xc/155 Tollhouse 20 min first flight of the year, new site
1-2-05--ww xc/155 Tollhouse 2 min = 1 tow flight static tow, figureing out issues
1-8-05--ww xc/155 New Jerusalem 2 min  = 1 tow flight tow in rain (light driz)
1-15-05--ww xc/155 New Jerusalem 1hr = 11 tow flights lots of fun-see tow page
1-29-05--ww xc/155 Mercey Hot Springs 2hr20min = 5 tow flights fun day, pics and clips, thrmals
1-30-05--ww xc/155 Mercey Hot Springs 35min = 1 tow flight to 3k VG full on at 2k :)
2-7-05--ww xc/155 Ft Funston 2hr 10min Very Northy but still doable
2-7-05--ww xc/155 Ft Funston 1hr 15min Still Northy, but felt fine
2-12-05 trike 195sqft 26hp New Jerusalem 1hr Flew solo - up to 500feet
2-12-05--ww xc/155 New Jerusalem 45min = 3 tows locked out at 1500ft exit down
2-26-05--ww xc/155 New Jerusalem 30min = 3 tows fun day but into washout once
3-5-05 trike 195sqft 26hp New Jerusalem 2hr10min flying all over in thermals....
3-5-05--ww xc/155 New Jerusalem 1hr = 6 tows small therm, little house therm
3-6-05--ww xc/155 Ft Funston 2hr 20min fun afternoon flight...zipper prob
3-12-05--wwxc/155 NJ 55 min = 2 tows bumpy but doable
3-12-05 trike 195sqft 26hp NJ 30 min in bumpy stuff, fun keepn w thr
3-25-05--wwxc/155 FF 1hr 30min timed it right
4-4-05--wwxc/155 FF 45min northy
4-4-05--wwxc/155 FF 1hr 40min out to wl sunset back on belly
I'll update when I have more time :-((      

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