Waddell Creek

8-9-09 -Plane off "Runway" (not freeway like excited me says)

I didn't have my camera at the time and ran back up to the truck to get it...

I decided not to fly here after this and tried to get to Fort Funston but a fatel accident made me turn around way up at the north end of the tunnel (Pacifica):-( I came back down and found Bud checking out the plane....took some more pics and told him what had happened...the "pilots" had all left so now here it sits....I was thinking it's going to be hard to move it from the runway and might be around for awhile (but not where it is now I hope))


pilots getting out (not white hat guy)

the view I had...object fixation?...on me !!

I was standing at the edge of that white carpet

chop chop chop

something look funny about this picture?

Bud checking out the mess

Bud snapping some pictures

and there she sits

5-1-05 (first 4 by Matt Isaacson)

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