Let your new wings carry you to the skies above, fly safe up there...

After going through some of Willie's pictures awhile back I found a band flyer with the members name on it, searching for them I found Joe on Facebook and we started talking and sure enough he had these recordings on a 7" reel. He re-recorded it to digital format and sent me a copy. Sounds like they (Joe Dolce, Willie B Hart, Sunny Supplee (and others)) were having some fun for sure...

1.- Willie singing "Was it You?" (Hart) 4:16

2. - Sweet & Dandy (Hibbert) 3:03

3. - Willie singing "What Did You Say Your Name Was?" (Hart) 4:32

4. - Conversation 2:38

5. - Return (Dolce - Cavafy) 14:06

6. - Conversation :40

7. - For The Glory Of God (unknown - Anon) 4:26

8. - Takes Time To Work Things Out (Hart) 12:26

9. - Conversation 1:18

10. - You're Still A Young Man (Castillo - Kupka) 6:32

11. - We Can Heal It (Dolce) 9:36

12. - Comin' Back To Me (Marty Balin) 7:06


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Some have asked what happened, I think our mom put it nicely....

Willie had MS for about 30 years. It started somewhat slowly but then went pretty fast. The way it works it would seem he had it for some time before getting severe symptoms. He has actually been paralyzed (as in getting tightened up with the MS)  in a convalescent hospital for about 10 years, in hospitals for around 15 years. He stayed in a nice one in San Rafael for the last 8 or 10 of that time. The last several years he has been very fragile and not able to get out of bed anymore. However, his head was in a beautiful place. Emanuel came over from Paris in February and stayed for a week to visit with Willie. Willie had an infection and had several pneumonia bouts. The doctors talked to "the boys" about Hospice and advised them to have Willie put into Hospice care, which they did. Diev, Emanuel and I talked with Willie at the time and he said several things to indicate that he was at peace with what ever came his way now. I asked him "what have you been thinking about all these years?" and he said, "I've just been trying to understand myself." I thought that was a very enlightened statement. He was so kind to me and his sons these last few years. Every time we saw him he expressed himself with such peace and kindness. Diev brought his family to visit Willie a few times a year and Emanuel came over with his family and visited several times too. The last few years we all visited and talked with Willie more often. His family was really out of the picture and the "old gang" didn't come around anymore, so it was natural for us to keep in touch with him. He was always happy to see any of us and concerned for our well being. So kind, soft spoken and cheerful too.